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Every performace is followed by an interactive workshop!

In a new original František Kratochvilś approach to the black light theatre, you will experience a common day and maybe a bit usual life. The performance connects several principles of black theatre into one nonverbal performance. It is a mixture of basic three-dimensional black theatre, comics, dance and pantomime.

You will see humorous and grotesc parts and also poetry of drawn black theatre, contemporary dance pieces alternate with classical ballet and this all is tied together by the performance of the main characters. The performance is interactive and the spectators are welcome to take part in the show.

The topic of the play is the basic structure of human relationships - the everlasting problem called "you and I" that in its most intriguing way depicts the relationship between a man and a woman.

František Kratochvíl

designer, script, director

Michal Urban

script, director, choreography

Further cooperation:
Choreography: Milan Odstrčil
Director asistent Kateřina Urbanová
Prodution: Lenka Štěpánková, Daniela Urbanová
Costumes: Lubica Melcerová
Music: Miroš Svatoň
Sound and lights: Václav Höfler, Petr Hejda, Václav Kment, Erik valko
Properties: Tomáš Rasejev, Erik Valko
Photography: Jan Faukner
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About performance

Performance starts usually at 8 PM
Duration 80 min.
No intermission
Without any language barriers
Numbered seats
Children under 10 years half price

Photography is possible during the workshop only!
Theatre snack bar opens 30 minutes before the show

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